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Kaffeine Player 0.7.1 released

A new version of the KDE media player Kaffeine is now available. Kaffeine a good GUI for the popular Xine video player backend because of the great playlist function.

There are only two real choices for playing media-files on Linux: Mplayer and Xine.

All the other media players and programs with multimediasupport use one or both of these as a back-end to actually play the files.

Kaffeine is a OK Xine front-end for KDE which has a play-list function that is manageable by dragging and dropping files from Konqueror. The play-lists features and functions are among the least crappy alternative for Linux media player, but it still sucks big-time: Kaffeine 0.7.1 still does NOT allow you to enqueue files which is a killer feature any quality media-player should have (xine supports this, xine --enqueue file.avi adds the file to the playlist. But the xine-ui playlist is, apart from that, very close to totally useless) . So you can not make Konqueror add files to the playlist when clicking them; your only option of associating file-types with Kaffeine will clear the playlist and open the file. It does, however, allow you to pretty easily make multiple playlists and jump between them.

Kaffeine is worth a try, it would be a great program if could enqueue files to the playlist and be controlled from the command line (with --play, --stop, --fwd, --rew etc like xine supports).

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