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September - There is nothing like it!

Firefox owned by most serious flaw everFirefox owned by most serious flaw ever
Mozilla Firefox versions up to 1.0.6 has the most serious security risk ever: Websites can now run shell commands on your computer. Version 1.0.7 is available, but packages are not yet available for Linux distributions.
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New exam prep tutorials from New Linux Professional Institute (LPI)New exam prep tutorials from New Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
LPI allows you to take exams in order to get proof of your Linux skills. Now 8 new tutorials are available to help you prepare for the system administrator certification Exam 201. Taking this exam can give you proof of your Linux wisdom so you have something concrete to put on your CV rather than just I am a big geek who knows Linux so please hire me.
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OpenSSH 4.2 releasedOpenSSH 4.2 released
OpenSSH allows you to login to remote systems and use them as if they were your local system, easily copy files to one place to another and is probably the best thing since sliced bread. The new version has some security fixes, the default key size is now 2048 bits and now supports X11 forwarding over multiplexed connetions.
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Kaffeine Player 0.7.1 releasedKaffeine Player 0.7.1 released
A new version of the KDE media player Kaffeine is now available. Kaffeine a good GUI for the popular Xine video player backend because of the great playlist function.
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KDE Web Dev gets it's own siteKDE Web Dev gets it's own site
A dedicated site for the KDE Web Dev package (Quanta Plus, Kommander, KXSL Debug, KImageMapEditor, KFileReplace, KLinkStatus and Kallery) is one of the good things to come out of aKademy.
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