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aKademy 2005 promises a bright future for KDE uses

The news from the KDE developer conference KDE is beaming in and shows a great bright future for KDE-users everywhere. Novell svore loyalty to Linux, the Kolab Groupware Solution and the long-awaited Kiosk desktop management framework was presented and the shape of KDE 4.0 determined.

aKademy is a important KDE conference where developers comspire and plot the future of the KDE desktop and the great variety of applications available for it.

So far, this has been indicated:

  • Novell, who reciently bought SuSE and made it OpenSuSE, uncovered the shocking fact that Kopete is the single only KDE program used in-house at Novell.
  • A KDE version of Firefox is under development headed by Dirk Mueller
  • KCall, a long-forgotten VoIP KDE client, has now been revived from the dead and is currently being rewritten as part Google Summer of Code
  • Michael Larouche is working on a X-Mame front-end for KDE codenamed Kamefu (KDE All-Machine Emulator Frontend for UNIX). Kamefu will allow you to manage and start games (roms) and have plug-ins for chiptune formats like NSF, SPC and PSF.
  • The KDE 3.5 branch is stable enough to be tried by brave, skilled and experienced users.
  • Krita, the graphics suite, is being rapidly improved and it will, if this keeps up, soon grow better than GIMP and even Photoshop. A presentation which is now available as slideshow] and ogg formatted audio files

Check Planet KDE for more news from aKademy.

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