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Mupper v3.0 Rescue-CD for pegasos computers available

Mupper is a rescue live-CD project for PegasosPPC based on Gentoo Linux. It has all the important tools like parted and midnight-commander and it supports all common filesystems like FAT, VFAT, ReiserFS, XFS and EXT3 (but not SFS).

Mupper also contains important networking tools like tcpdump (manual) and snort.

Mupper is the birth-child of Mikael Karlsson, aka lisarden and obviously, like almost all other open source projects, many other contributors.

Having a rescueCD is generally a very good idea indeed because that is just the thing you never realize you do not have available until your desperately need it.

The CD is specially created with the Genesis Open Desktop Workstations read-to-use-gentoo-linux computers, but the CD is highly useful to anyone facing a non-working or badly broken Linux-system.

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