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Novell has now revelaed to their future plans for SuSE Linux and they are excellent.

They will make a SuSE clone called OpenSuSE Linux which will be based on SUSE Professional and developed after the open model used by the successful RedHat distribution Fedora.

The OpenSUSE Linux Logo.

OpenSuSE will make SuSE a real and realistic alternative for everyone who previously rejected it on the grounds that they required you to give them a piece of revenue if you choose their distribution. It also, like with all open source projects, ensures that a lot more developers will get involved with the development of the distribution. The YaST configuration tool, specific only to SuSE Linux, is something they developed themselves and previously kept only to themselves. Chances are high that this will make SuSE a very attractive alternative to Windows both on the business and on the home user markets.

It is the experience from RedHats's Fedora Linux project which has show how incredibly wise and clever is it so give something to the Open Source community: You generally get a lot more than you give in return. is not yet available, but things are happening...

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