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What seems like a million new blogs are added to the Internet by the second now that everybody with half a brain can sign up at a free blog service and publicly humiliate themselves forever. You can even cheaply hire people to write blogs for you. Now mobile-blogging has made a adult entertainer Norways most popular celebrity blogger.

Mobile-Photo-blogs is the latest new thing, blogs where you simply send a picture-SMS photo from your phone and instantly share it on your blog. The adult entertainer Aylar has a mobile-blog which out-competes all other celebrities.

A good blog will give you hits. Generally good means that you must spend a lot of time writing word for word yourself. But there is something smarter you can do: Get dumb famous people to frequently send SMS messages with pictures and quites from their daily lives.

The adult entertainers Aylar (39%)is now Norway's most popular celeb blogger. She is more important than the Idol second Sandra (24%) and Miss Norway (11%) put together.

It is not known to us whether the Norwegian football celebrity John Arne Riise, who recently was publicly exposed and humiliated for having SMS-ed the very same "romantic" quite to a dozen Norwegian wanna-be celebrity teenagers on the off-chance that just one of them would be dumb enough to go on a date with him, has or has not downloaded and enjoyed the adult videos of Aylar who are so readily available on every a lot of adult freesites, but he has more than once admitted to having been on a date with Sandra from IDOL.

This send-your-picture and publish-directly concept is getting popular, mobileblogg has had a significant growth the last month according to Alexia, Their entire site (all the blogs put together) has grown from nothing to beening almost a third as popular as this site in only a few months. This is probably partly because they managed to get celebs to use their service and mostly because adult entertianment is the backbone of the Internet. "Aylar sells", says an annonymous webmaster who promotes her using the Large Cash aff program. are happy with their choice of the closed source Blogsoft blogging software which runs on Apache/2.0.50. They are, very wisely, offering a free introduction period where it costs you nothing at all to send and publish a picture.

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