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LinuxWorld Conference and Expo goes off 5-6 October 2005 at Olympia, London.

LinuxWorld is a great place to get your Linux-based products exposed to the market in a very efficient way.

This years conference will probably be the worlds biggest Linux conference to take place so far, Linuxworldexpo 2005 is a place you want to be represented if you are doing big Linux-related business. It takes place in the huge Olympia center in London.

The most interesting about LinuxWorld is actually the conferences home page. There they inform that a "November 2002 CIO survey found 54% of the respondents agree that Open Source will be their dominant platform in five years or less.", which means Open Source should be scheduled to be the "dominant platform" within 2 years or less.

Huge money

"92% of LinuxWorld Expo attendees play an active role in specifying, authorising or recommending the purchase of IT products and services for their company" and "44% of LinuxWorld Expo attendees spend over 500,000 pa on IT products and service". Not only does this mean that there may be some attractive opportunities at LinuxWorld, it shows a spending growth on Linux-based products.

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