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The MP3 format fundamentally changed the way we enjoyed music shortly after researches at [Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits ISS] released it in 1995. The format suddenly gave anyone the ability to store huge amounts of music on their computers and share it with their friends on the net.

The development of MPEG Audio Layer 3, mp3, started in 1987 and it was ready in 1992. It was very advanced for it's time and became the ISO Standard (IS 11172-3) for music. The format quickly became widely used and it radically changed the way we enjoyed, played and shared our music.

  1. How we enjoy music

When you wanted to get music out of your speakers back in the glorious 70s you would have to move all of the 50 million million cells who make up your body next to a actual playing device galled a gramophone record player, or LP. You would then take the actual record , a big black disc, and place it on the player. There was no such thing as a remote control. There was not even track switching. It was all very

1. How we enjoy music


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