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Opera Internet Browser embeds BitTorrent protocol

Opera Software today released a technical preview of the Opera browser which includes support for downloading files using the BitTorrent protocol.

Opera (OPERA.OSE) is a light, very powerful web browser available for Windows, Linux and Mac (screenshots). BitTorrent is a great protocol for distributing huge files to a vast number of computers without requiring major bandwidth at any single point. Opera is the first browser to combine the web (http) and BitTorrent technologies.

What are torrents?

You need to get a torrent file to download using BitTorrent. Torrent files are basically links, only different kind of links who must be followed using the appropriate software. A torrent only includes hash-codes, descriptions, for other files and a link to a tracker which keeps track of who has which parts of the file. Parts are distributed (uploaded) by the downloading users themselves, making BitTorrent ideal for mass-distribution. The BitTorrent protocol differs from FTP and HTTP in that it makes downloading a large file more efficient, as individuals downloading the same file will assist each other in the download process, said Opera software in a statement.

Todays web browsers depend on third party plug-in programs to download files using the BitTorrent protocol. Operas move is an important step todays making BitTorrent user-friendly and available to the general public.

Opera admits that BitTorrent being extremely popular is not the only reason that they have added support for it in their browser. While BitTorrent has been on Opera's radar screen for more than a year, the true value of the technology became evident when the company launched Opera 8 in April this year. The massive response, with more than 100 downloads per second, dealt a technical knock-out to Opera's servers. With BitTorrent, users would have had an alternative download mechanism, said Christen Krogh, VP of Engineering, Opera Software.

I am looking forward to more browsers getting support for BitTorrent, says the tea lady at the porn-p2p's PR-department.

I just use the programs who are installed on my computer, I very rarely install new programs. It is so easy to get spyware and viruses installed on Windows computers these days, so having to install less tools to use the Internet will be great.

BitTorrent on new devices?

Opera stock (OPERA.OSE) is now sky-high after KNO bought 708000 shares this Monday, following the Opera Software ASA announcement of a development and licensing agreement with Motorola Inc Friday 1st of July. Opera's browser is currently available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, BREW, QNX, TRON, FreeBSD, Solaris and Mediahighway. BitTorrent will soon be a standard easily available on all these operating systems. Operas advantage over other browsers is that it is so compactly and efficiently coded that it can be placed on almost any kind of small electronic device as long as it has a display and a few buttons.

Very popular

BitTorrent is extremely popular and used by everybody under thirty to get their regular dose of mindless entertainment.

The technology has so far only been adopted by pirate sites and the adult entertainment industry. The television and movie industries, the industries who own the copyrights to most of the content available using BitTorrent, have so far rejected to accept and adopt the technology.

They see it as a threat against traditional DVD sales. They believe that distribution by DVD discs will give them more profit, so they insist on this distribution method even though they know well that the processes involved in the production of DVD discs cause immense harm to the earth, says the Hard Core Torrents janitor.

We know that on-line distribution only utilizes existing equipment already available in most peoples homes, all needed is a computer capable of playing video files. Your downloading of a file using BitTorrent causes no additional cost or damage to the biological diversity on earth. DVD distribution means that a new item will be produced, distributed and eventually contribute to the ever-increasing pile of garbage left behind for future generations for every single distributed copy. BitTorrent can minimize humanities collective damage to the earth and biological diversity. I am proud to be part of HardCore Torrents, even though I am only a janitor.

A few BitTorrent sites have been closed down by force even though it seems somewhat clear that BitTorrent it is more environmental-friendly than traditional distribution methods who utilize media containers like the CD and the DVD. The site elitetorrents was recently shut down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Immigration and Customs Enforcement for criminal copyright infringement.

It is perfectly legal to use BitTorrent, and even though there have been some questionable sites like elitetorrents on the net in the past, they are now all shut down so you no longer have anything to fear when using torrent sites.

The Opera technical preview is available at operas forums (Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD).

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