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City of Vienna Chooses KDE for 18,000 PCs

A custom version of Debian with KDE dubbed Wienux is choosen to be a alternative for eighteen thousand of the computers in the city. The employees are allowed to choose between a Windows and KDE based PC themselves.

About 5000 of the computers in the city are believed to be ready to run KDE (screenshots) short-term. The 8,000 PCs and 560 servers used by the city are today mostly running Desktops Windows 2000.

The city did a study of Open Source software and found that the free office suite Open Office can be used instead of the existing office solution for a majority of the workers. The study also looked detailed at the hardware available and found that about 7,500 of the computers would have no problems running Open Office side by side with existing software. 4.800 of the computers were found to be ready to be only running open source software.

The custom linux distribution they settled on, Wienux (Wien Linux), has Mozilla Firefox as default browser. It works with their current ms Outlook Web Access and SAP solutions. The KDE burning program K3B is the official Wienux burning application. WIENUX is obviously licensed under the GNU GPL.

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