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GIMP 2.2.8 Released

Version 2.2.8 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program is now available for download. This is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.2 series that fixes memory leaks, plug-in bugs and many win32-specific bugs.

GIMP is the best image manipulation program for Linux. It is also available for Windows. GIMP is very much like Photoshop, but lacks many of the more advanced features found in commercial solutions.

The stable branch of Gimp, 2.2.x, is getting more stable with this new version which fixes some bugs. Try the latest GIMP development version, 2.3.1, if you are brave enough to try out the usually buggy bleeding edge version of Gimp.

You can download the source code from and its mirrors or distributions installation tools to try Gimp.


Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.8

  • fixed possible crash in plug-ins-query PDB function
  • fixes to Script-Fu server mode on Win32
  • fixed possible crash in win32 gimptool variant
  • plugged a tiny memleak in the image display code
  • plugged a tiny memleak in libgimpwidgets
  • attempt to fix calling the web-browser on win32 (bug #171200)
  • fixed loading of images in help-browser plug-in on win32
  • fixed zoom offsets if dot-for-dot mode is disabled (bug #306476)
  • fixes to Gfig parasite loading
  • disabled buggy gimprc option stingy-memory-use (bug #306617)
  • don't try to create a preview for a non-existant image file (bug #307672)
  • fixed bug in Retinex plug-in (bug #157915)
  • fixed bug in Newsprint plug-in (bug #161573)
  • fixed bug in Shift plug-in (bug #308748)
  • fixed bug in Grid plug-in (bug #308754)

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.7

  • update layer previews on colormap changes (bug #301033)
  • fixed loading of text layers from XCF files (bug #301028)
  • when loading a PDF, honor CropBox over MediaBox (bug #301432)
  • fixed incompatibility of GimpIntStore with GTK+ 2.6 (bug #301524)
  • fixed navigation popup in plug-in previews (bug #301523)
  • fixed handling of compression types in TIFF plug-in (bug #301557)
  • fixed bug in Lighting Effects plug-in (bug #302075)
  • fixed focus issues in message dialogs (bug #302400)
  • fixed bug in SSE2 assembly for Lighten Only layer mode (bug #164061)
  • fixed resize-window-on-zoom feature (bug #164281)
  • corrected upper limit of tile-cache-size (bug #303371)


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