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KOffice 1.4 available

The new verson of the light KDE office suite KOffice has two new applications: Krita, a GIMP-like image manipulation program, and Kexi, a data management program. The rest of the office suite. The release is a huge step towards full integration of the open OASIS OpenDocument file format. This is the new approved file format for office documents which will be used by all Open office programs like OpenOffice 2.0.

  1. OpenDocument is good for you
  2. New realistic Linux graphics alternative
  3. No wide-scale corporate deployment expected this quarter

KOffice 1.4 is released and will be available for your favorite Linux distribution soon.

1. OpenDocument is good for you

Exchanging documents between OpenOffice 2.0 users on all kinds of operating systems and KOffice will soon be easy as pie if everything goes according to schedule. KOffice 1.4 is the first office suite to support OASIS OpenDocument to a large extent.

The OpenDocument standard is simply a way to write data to files which all the major open source projects have agreed on. Any program which follows the free and open OpenDocument standard are able to use the files.

2. New realistic Linux graphics alternative

KOffice is getting bigger. A drawing program called Krita (screenshots, video) and a data management tool called kexi are added. Krita can be very much fun, but it is no photoshop. Krita looks like it may become a realistic, slightly more user-friendly alternative to Gimp.

Krita, new in KOffice 1.4

3. No wide-scale corporate deployment expected this quarter

KOffice is a light a neat alternative to OpenOffice, but not a very realistic one for advanced corporate usage.

The spreadsheet application Kspread will allow you to learn the basics for spreadsheet functions form any textbook and also enable you to setup a month to month budget. It is also possible to do your taxes in Kspread, but even that level of sophistication begins to reveal weaknesses and missing functions when you compare the program to the more mature OpenOffice spreadsheet.

The Excel import filter part of Kspread has been completely rewritten and can now, according to the developers, "import Microsoft Excel files very well".

The word processor KWord will enable you to write a formerly popular communication carrier called "a letter" to those who have not picked up on this new and exciting invention called e-mail. It if not as confusing to use as more advanced word processors can be, Kword may be a good choice for users who are not very familiar with computer systems. Those who are have have a long experience with word processors, however, may find that KOffice lacks too many advanced features to be used on a everyday basis.

KDE and KOffice is not available for Windows.

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