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External hard-drive sold bundled with pornography

Miss Tårnesvik, an art photographer, bought an external harddrive in a computer store. She found that it was filled with adult entertainment when she connoected the harddrive to her laptop.

She got free adult movies and pictures included with her purchase, according to bt (norwegian).

- I thougth "this is not right". It is strange to find porno on a harddrive that is supposed to be new, says Miss Tårnesvik, who wednesday went to the computer store in Bergen to complain heavily.

- We must have got the drive in for service and misplaced it among the new drives in the store, is the best explanation the store owner could come up with. He is "so sorry" Miss Tårnesvik got a used product.

Good advice for computer stores:

  • Do not use the hardware in the store for personal enjoyment.
  • Do not claim used products are new products, tell the consumers that the they are getting used goods (with and without entertainment) if that is what they in fact are getting.

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