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Linux Kernel test matrix made available within 15 minutes of a new version being released

The test system runs on top of IBM's internal test automation system and automatically tests any new kernel version across a broad range of hardware.

Martin J. Bligh anounced this on the linux-kernel mailing list. The test matrix can be used to find out what kernels are the most stable on a wide range of hardware.

The matrix includes a 4x AMD64 box, a 16x NUMA-Q, 4x NUMA-Q, 32x x440 (ia32), PPC64 Power 5 LPAR, PPC64 Power 4 LPAR and a PPC64 Power 4 bare metal system.

The test is possible thanks to much help from IBM.

Valuable information from the tests can be used to help and speed up the development of 2.6 Linux kernels.

This is good for everyone who uses Linux because the kernel is the basic, most fundamental building block in all Linux clones.

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