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Worlds biggest BitTorrent TV channel has 1,5 million viewers

More than 1.490.000 are now downloading home entertainment from The Pirate Bay, the biggest modern Linux-available Internet TV channel distributed by BitTorrent technology.

The Pirate Bay did a PR stunt and temporarily said they were closed when they upgraded their website. The Pirate Bay v2.0 is better, looks very much like any huge search engine and according to the front page, more than a million are tuned into the modern version of yesterdays broadcast TV.

The advantages of playing TV from formats like divx are obvious:

  • You are free to use the file on any device using any media-player program. You can use xine and MPlayer to view divx files. MPlayer is also available for Windows.
  • You can distribute divx files to a huge number of people very fast using p2p technology like BitTorrent.

Many sites specialized in BitTorrent mass-distribution have appeared and disappeared over the last years. One is now bigger than the rest put together: The Pirate Bay.

- Today the development often moves faster in technology than in the cultural realm. But neither language barriers nor the copyright industry's war on technology should impede people from partaking in new technologies and cultures, says anakata of The Pirate Bay.

Verison 2.0 is available in ten languages in addition to English and it is very user-friendly.

A million users makes The Pirate Bay Top 100 a great way to find out what kind of entertainment the rest of the Internet is enjoying right now.

You only need is a BitTorrent program, a web browser and a normal media player program to tune into the television entertainment at The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay is down from time to time.

The sinken ship is shown when the site goes down in short periods of time, jokes are shown when they upgrade.

How many use BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is obviously a huge entertainment industry. Anyone with a fairly large website knows that these graphs mean you are making enough money to "cover the server costs".

These graphs do not clearly show the amount of bandwidth used to transfer misc files around on the Internet. Downloading a torrent uses a lot more Internet bandwidth than just visiting a website. The bandwidth used by the tracker is minimum because the users themselves are doing the uploading.

Even CNN and BBC face competition by BitTorrent-distributed TV.

BitTorrents success comes from the product it ultimately provides: Thousands upon thousands music and video files readily available at no cost to the end-user in the users preferred format.

Is BitTorrent legal?

BitTorrent is a perfectly legal software program. There is nothing wrong with having a BitTorrent client installed on your computer. BitTorrent is very good for downloading torrents for Knoppix, Gentoo and other Linux-based operating systems.

Some BitTorrent TV sites were closed pending lawsuits from the MPAA, apparently they were distributing television shows they did not have the legal rights to distribute.

Most BitTorrent sites are perfectly legal to use and enjoy.

- You must be at least 21 years old to legally use our hardcoretorrents, said a spokesperson for and added We are proud to be a part of the porno industry!. The site has the right to distribute the porn video it has available.

Homemadeporntorrents are also quite sure they have nothing wrong on their tracker. They allow users to upload home made porn movies. The rules clearly forbid copyright violations, and such files are removed from the site.

It does not look like The Pirate Bay cares very much if they have the legal right to distribute the files they make available to their users. The way they respond to spam suggests such matters are unimportant to them.

- The user friendliness and new functionalities of The Pirate Bay 2.0 will introduce the BitTorrent protocol to the wide public. Contrary to the large media corporations, we regard the diffusion of new technologies to as many people as possible as an important duty, says Fredrik Neij of The Pirate Bay. They have a huge competitive advantage: They are giving away 60.000+ Copyrighted files to their users at no cost by simply ignoring the Copyright holders of the works they distribute.

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