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Last chance to prevent US-style Software Patents in EU

The European Council of Ministers want to introduce US-style Software Patents in EU. The European Parliament will get a last change to stop this on 6 July. They need to get 367 of the 732 members to appear and vote NO!! to stop it.

The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure calls the directive a Trojan Horse. The proposed directive will allow US-style patents on software code in the EU. Software patents limits Open Source developers ability to create software which benefits mankind while giving power to big greedy corporations.

Software patents allow big corporations to patent parts of their software to prevent OSS projects to write code needed for interoperability and compatibility.

The FFII has done a analysis of all 256 amendments and made a brief list of changes required for an effective exclusion of software patents.

Imagine that an organization has used a given software program for years. The program saves to a specific file format. The organization has thousands of files in that format. Obviously they will have a hard time switching if that file format is patented so no other program is able to read the files.

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