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Get ready to grab .xxx domains

Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, has announced that a new .xxx top level domain (tld) will be available soon.

The adult entertainment industry is a multi-million dollar industry on the Internet. A new top level domain called .xxx will be available soon, according to ICANN. Important industry players would rather have .sex or .cum made available, but we can not all have our way all the time.

ICANN recently announced the new top level domains .jobs and .travel and are currently negotiating on creating additional tld's like .cat, .post and .mobi. Obviously none of those are half as fun as .in, which can be used to make domains like

A spokes man for the ICANN said the .xxx domain will make it easy to identify adult entertainment domains, which is already done by the de-facto icra standard. Icra is used by almost all content filters availabe on the market today. But not everyone understands simple things like this, idiots like U.S. Politicians Rep Fred Upton a while ago demanded to know why ICANN didn't approve .xxx "as a means of protecting our kids from the awful, awful filth, which is sometimes widespread on the internet". Another narrow minded person with no technical insight what so ever, Senator Joseph Lieberman, complained to a federal commission that .xxx was necessary to force adult webmasters to "abide by the same standard as the proprietor of an X-rated movie theatre". Sadly, people like them have power, so adult webmasters may be forced to switch to .xxx if they get their way.

Get ready to grab fun new names like,, and so on! :-)

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