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Google awards students to completes open source projects this summer with 500

Google has created a program called Summer of Code to introduce students to Open Source software development. Organizations participating in the program include Asterisk, Blender, Gaim, Gallery, Horde, Jabber, KDE, Mambo, Nmap and OpenOffice.

Students who apply with a good idea will be paired up with established Open Source Software developer who will help get the student on the right track, monitor their progress and eventually decide if they have actually completed the idea described in the application. The application deadline is June 14th.

Summer of Code is backed by all the major OSS players: The Apache Software Foundation, Asterisk, Blender, Bricolage, Codehaus, Drupal, Fedora Code FreeBSD, Gaim, Gallery, The Gnome Foundation,, Horde, Inkscape, Internet2, Jabber, JXTA, KDE, Project Looking Glass, LispNYC, Live Journal, Mambo, The Mono Project, Monotone, NetBSD, NMap, OhioLink OpenOffice, OSCAR, The Perl Foundation, Portland State University, The Python Software Foundation, Samba, Semedia, The Subversion Project, Ubuntu Linux, The Wine Project, WinLibre, XWiki and obviously Google.

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