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The Pirate Bay fools the press

The popular BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay put a funny message stating they were permanently shut down by the Swedish anti-pirate agency when they took their servers down for upgrades today.

The message "Today the swedish anti-piracy organisations raided The Pirate Bay and confiscated the computers running the tracker. This probably means the end of The Pirate Bay and we, the crew, apologize for all loss of income caused by our activity over the years." appeared on the website during the upgrade.

Most of the mainstream press believed the message and a lot of news-sites are now running news stories saying they were closed down. Swedish press speculates the site has been hacked after Swedish anti-pirate agency made a statement saying they had nothing to do with it.

The Pirate Bay webmaster anakata said the upgrade would take a few hours around Swedish dinner-dime, but the site is still not available.

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