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Phishing Howto by Honeynet Project

The German Honeynet Project got 0wned. The blackhat installed a rootkit and a large number of pages designed to immitate banks.

The article 'Know your Enemy: Phishing' gives a lot of nice detalis on hacking and phishing. The Honeynet Project concludes that phishing attacks are increasing in number and becoming more organized. Phishing are getting more sophisticated and dangerous.

Organized blackhats are very quick to abuse 0wned machines once they gave gained control over them, they tend to setup complete fake bank-looking websites and advertise them using spam messages only hours after the box is originally comprised.

Phishing scams are becoming increasingly profitable as more idiots who are not trained to look at the web browsers address bar to check what site they are using are getting connected to the Internet every day.

The full report:

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