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Only 1% of councils and organizations say their use of Open Source Software will decrese

A survey done by the Society of IT Management together with the Financial Times shows that only 1% of organizations plan to decrease their use of Open Source Software. 60% expect to increase the use of OSS, 35% think the use of OSS will stay the same and 3% have no idea what kind of software they will be running in the future.

  1. Open Source Software is getting accepted for serious production usage
  2. Lack of support

The survey included 99 UK organizations and councils, which of 41 were district councils, 12 were country councils, 16 where unitary councils, 13 were london boroughs and 17 were other public sector organizations.

1. Open Source Software is getting accepted for serious production usage

When asked if they were using OSS today, 34% said they were using OSS server applications and 39% said they were using OSS infrastructure. Only 8% admitted to using Open Source software on their desktops.

When asked if they think their use of OSS software will increase, 60% said yes while 35% said they think their use will stay the same.

The survey indicates a nice growth for Open Source in the public sector.

2. Lack of support

When asked what they see as the main benefits of using open source products, 80 answered cost as the most important reason. The second and third most popular answers were less vendor lock-in (11) and fewer security issues (10). Interestingly, the lack of support (47) and skills/training (31) is the most important reasons for not using OSS today.

- Society of IT Management

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