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Fluxbox 0.9.13 released

Massive speed, memory and stability improvements are the highlights in the new development version of the most popular minimalistic Window manager for Linux/X11.

Fluxbox is just a pure Window manager for those who prefer a simple, slim and efficient desktop over the more big and bloated desktop environments like KDE, Gnome and XFCE4. Fluxbox gives you a menu, manages your windows (so you can maximize, minimize and move them around), gives you a panel and allows you to use WindowMaker panel applets. And that is it. It is perfect for experienced users.

Most of the improvements in the new development version are under the hood. A huge number of bugs are fixed, memory management is improved, some slow junk code is ditched and the new version also has the usual immense placebo speed-increase.

  News in 0.9.13:
    -  Massive speed- and memory- improvements
    -  Added new Buttons for the Titlebar:
          - Shade - just like the "Stick"-button
            Style resources:
              window.shade.pixmap, window.shade.unfocus.pixmap, 
              window.unshade.pixmap, window.unshade.unfocus.pixmap, 
          - MenuIcon - click on it provides the windowmenu, if the app
            contains a pixmap (gvim, konqueror etc etc) the pixmap is 
            displayed, a little menu otherwise.
            Style resources:
              window.menuicon.pixmap, window.menuicon.unfocus.pixmap
          Example ~/.fluxbox/init - entry:
            session.titlebar.left: MenuIcon Stick
            session.titlebar.right: Shade Minimize Maximize Close
    -  Added more Key Actions to TextBoxes
          - Control + LeftArrow  - Moves cursor to the left direction, 
          up to next word.
          - Control + RightArrow - to the right direction.
          - Control + BackSpace  - Removes everything from the cursor 
          left side, 
          up to next left word.
          - Control + Delete     - like above but removes to the right 
    -  Added some style resources:
          - menu.hilite.submenu.pixmap:    
          - menu.hilite.selected.pixmap:   
          - menu.hilite.unselected.pixmap: 
    -  Added new Iconbar Modes:
          - NoIcons   - all but iconified windows
          - WorkspaceNoIcons - all but iconified windows on the current 
    -  Added -screen <"all"|int[,int]> :
         $> fluxbox -screen 0,2      will run fluxbox on 0.0 and 0.2 so
                                     one can run any other wm on 0.1.
         $> fluxbox -screen all      default, fluxbox manages all screens
    -  fluxbox-generate_menu now can add pixmaps to menu entries
  Bug fixes:
    -  Mutiple keyboard layout (#1160244, #1099704, #1094107)
    -  ArrangeWindows (#1086673, 
    -  Inconsistent behavior of Java dialogs (#1157361)
    -  fbrun segfault (#1188690)
    -  ShowDesktop (#1020399)
    -  64bit issues (#1107213, #1105041)

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