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Gaim version 1.3.0 released with two important security updates

Gaim is a very good graphical client for almost all known instant messaging protocols (MSN, ICQ, Jabber and so on) available for Linux and Windows. Version 1.3.0 fixes the ability to crash Gaim by sending a very long URL and a potential remote denial of service bug when using the MSN protocol.

Previous versions of Gaim can be crashed remotely by sending URL locations longer than 8192 bytes in a message. Message length restrictions on most protocols prevents this, but Jabber and SILC allow this and are therefore vulnerable. It is also potentially possible to crash Gaim by sending an empty SLP message.

Changes since version 1.2.1:

  • Removed parts of the font selection dialog that were not respected
  • Fix being invited to a multi user chat on MSN
  • Multiple SILC accounts should work now (Pekka Riikonen)
  • Fix times on jabber chat backlogs
  • Fix gevolution plugin to compile with e-d-s 1.0 or 1.2
  • Fix gevolution plugin to remember buddy name when someone added you and you then add them
  • Formatting in jabber chats works
  • Fix to prevent MSN disconnecting if you change status while connecting
  • Fixes for two remotely exploitable crash bugs. See for more information.
  • Full changelog

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