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Norwegian technology corporations warn against new DRM-law

29 leading Norwegian corporations have delivered a protest to the government against a new DRM-law included in a new copyright bill.

EFN is the Norwegian version of EFF, an organization working for free speech and other basic (electronic) rights in the IT society. They have written a protest against a new copyright bill that will soon be passed by the bought politicians in the Norwegian government. Their protest is supported by 29 local leading technology companies:

  Name                     Organization                  Contact
  ----                     ------------                  -------
  Torkel Hasle             Bibliotek-Systemer As
  Are Bryne                Communiqué DA       
  Daniel Mikkelsen         Copyleft Software AS
  Geir Inge Imsland        Copyleft Solutions AS
  Peter N. M. Hansteen     Datadokumentasjon AS
  Dag-Erling Smørgrav      FreeBSD-prosjektet  
  Geir Isene               FreeCode AS         
  Ole-Anders Andreassen    Fri programvare i skolen
  Mikael Snaprud           Høyskole i Agder    
  Åge Bårdsen              Keyteq AS           
  Trond Heier              Linpro AS           
  Eivind Trondsen          LinuxLabs AS        
  Frode Stroemsvaag        Manager Information Systems
  Sindre Nauff             Meteorologisk institutt
  Egil Støren              Meteorologisk Institutt
  Petter Reinholdtsen      NUUG                
  Håkon Wium Lie           Opera Software ASA  
  Stein Sørlie             Orgdot AS           
  Geir Bækholt             Plone Solutions AS  
  Vegard Munthe            SafetyCable AS      
  Egil Kvaleberg           Siving Egil Kvaleberg AS
  Vidar Bakke              Slx Debian Labs (Skolelinux)
  Astri Kleppe            
  Peder Godvik             Teknograd AS        
  Geir Aalberg             Tinde ASA - et selskap i Orkla Media
  Eirik Chambe-Eng         Trolltech AS        
  Gisle Hannemyr           Universitetet i Oslo
  Margrete Raaum           Universitetet i Oslo
  Øyvind Hanssen           Universitetet i Tromsø
  29 total.
  The last version of this protest is available here:

LinuxReviews fully supports the protest against the new law. If passed, the new law will make it illegal to copy audio files from CD media to portable MP3 players. It will also make any kind of software that breaks copy-protection illegal, effectively outlawing many Linux-distributions and other basic software products.

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