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Norwegian school demand the right to full access to students private computers.

Students at Sola Videregående Skole in Norway are demanded to sign a contract that makes even the worst dictatorship-governed countries look like free heavens. The contract gives the school the right to go through all the files on the the students at any time they feel like doing so.

"I accept that he school at any given time can check that my computer compiles to the above rules.." says the contract the school demands that all students accept if they are to bring their private computers to the school.

Here is a translation of the contract. And no, this is not a joke, they seriously demand that the students accept this:

  Contract between <full name> and Sola videregående skole.
  All use will be logged. This is to be able to track illegal use of the network.
  Any computer equipment used at the school are subject to the schools rules, and also those rules given separately for computer equipment.
  The computer must and will be checked by the school before a username and password is assigned. Only the computer shown and checked can be used. You must get your new computer checked if you change your personal computer.
  Username / password are private and can not be shared with others.
  I accept that I can only use software which I have a valid license for.
  I accept that I can not have any software of like Arp or keyloggers or other software that can be used to gain illegal access to the schools or others networks installed on my computer.
  File sharing and game playing with others over the wireless network is prohibited.
  I have anti-virus software installed and this will always, at any point in time, be updated with the latest virus definitions.
  I accept that he school at any given time can check that my computer compiles to the above rules.
  I will only print out needed, school related things.
  Sola vgs takes no responsibility for the private computers even if they are used at school or in school hours.
  Breach of this contract will result in you being locked out of the wireless network, and you will not be allowed to use your private computer at the school.

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