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Adobe PDF reader for Linux released

Using PDF files in Linux was a pain before the KPDF version released in KDE 3.4 proved to be the most excellent PDF reader ever created. Adobe has now, with version 7.0, made their original reader available for Novell SuSE and Red Hat Linux.

PDF, Portable Document Format, was a great attempt at creating a common file format that could be used on any kind of operating system, hardware and platform before HTML and XML were commonly implemented throughout Open Source software. PDF is still commonly used and can now be opened by a wide variety of Linux programs.

Adobe long delayed to make a version of their official client available for Linux. Now it is here. Not that it really matters, the PDF reader included in KDE, KPDF, is superior to it in so many ways and so many levels. Most importantly, KPDF allows you to cut and paste from PDF documents as if they were normal text-files.

Adobe Reader 7.0 for Linux is only officially supported by the Novell SuSE and Red Hat Linux distributions. Adobe claims to have distributed more than 500 million copies of their reader since it was first introduced back in 1993.

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