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GIMP 2.2.6 Released

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is the most advanced Linux graphics program. This bug-fix for the stable 2.2.x series fixes a large number of problems and users are encuraged to update. Binary packages are not yet available for most distributions, but packages are expected to appear soon.

  1. Changes in GIMP 2.2.6
  2. Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.5
  3. Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.4

The release focuses more on cleanups and bugsfixes than adding new features, a very good choice indeed as this point. Gimp has more features than the average normal person will ever need or understand, but it still has a long way to go before it is comparable with the most advanced commercially available solutions for professional use.

GIMP is also available for Windows.

Recent changes:

1. Changes in GIMP 2.2.6

  • reverted change to the print plug-in (see bug #169909)

2. Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.5

  • fixed double-click behaviour of GimpButton
  • properly handle 302 redirect output from wget in URL plug-in (bug #168322)
  • fixed loading of layer masks in PSD plug-in (bug #166976)
  • fixed bugs in PSD save plug-in (bugs #167139 and #121871)
  • fixed Reset in Scale and Resize dialogs (bug #169011)
  • fixed filename encoding issues when loading Script-Fu scripts (bug #165002)
  • fixed i18n build quirks (bug #169274)
  • improve autoscrolling with tablets in Windows (bug #167960)
  • fixed setup of size entries in tool-options (bug #169066)
  • when opening images as layers, do it interactively (bug #168936)
  • fixed precondition checks in gimp_drawable_transform_scale (bug #170195)
  • fixed handling of resolution unit in Print Size dialog (bug #170200)
  • disable "gtk-alternative-button-order" setting because our code doesn't honor it (bug #170543)
  • fixed behaviour of selection tool when dragging from top-right (bug #143887)
  • speed up conversion of grayscale images to indexed colors (bug #170801)
  • fixed bug in grayscale to indexed color conversion (bug #170825)
  • don't offer empty palettes for conversion to indexed color (bug #170973)
  • disable search in container tree-views since it interferes with global accelerators (bug #169339)
  • corrected mousewheel section of default controllerrc (bug #171083)
  • fixed build on amd64/gcc-4.0 (bug #300227)
  • unset Keep Transparency from Color to Alpha plug-in.
  • fixed crash caused by Histogram dockable in RGB mode (bug #170116)
  • fixed statusbar display for negative moves (bug #171497)
  • fixed a couple of problems in the BMP plug-in (bug #171306, bug #171453 and bug #171562)
  • fixed bug in Resize dialog if previews are turned off (bug #171827)
  • fixed disappearing previews in Rotate Colormap plug-in (bug #172284)
  • fixed deletion of fractals in Fractal Explorer plug-in (bug #172347)
  • fixed preview in Deinterlace plug-in (bug #172589)
  • fixed crashes on exit in some locales (bug #172581)
  • fixed installation directories for message catalogs (bug #169274)
  • handle deletion of layers and channels that have a floating selection attached (bug #168582)
  • plugged some smaller memory leaks
  • fixed preview in Gaussian Blur plug-in for zero radii (bug #173039)
  • fixed a couple of problems in the Winicon plug-in
  • fixed bug in GIF loader that was triggered with a broken GIF (bug #173119)
  • fixed crash in Ink tool (bug #164272)
  • let the text tool remember the last-used font (bug #171024)
  • quote the print command used in the Print plug-in (bug #169909)

3. Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.4

  • fixed an out-of-bounds read access in the Edge plug-in (bug #164963)
  • limit aspect ratio in crop tool to sane values (bug #164827)
  • fixed indexed conversion on floating selections (bug #165342)
  • fixed button order in resize and scale dialogs
  • improved handling of UNC paths on Windows
  • fixed crash in winicon save plug-in (bug #162742)
  • fixed image types registration for some python plug-ins (bug #1666650)
  • workaround problems with font names ending in numbers (bug #166540)
  • show clone source when cloning from a different image (bug #167002)
  • corrected coordinate limits in New Guide script (bug #167529)
  • fixed crash in gradient editor (bug #167604)
  • don't give keyboard focus to combo boxes in image window (bug #167809)
  • fixed saving of MNG files with negative layer offsets (bug #166059)
  • fixed use of the text tool on floating selections (bug #166829)
  • don't create duplicate templates when migrating user settings (bug #167893)
  • let the py-slice script ignore out-of-bounds guides (bug #167843)
  • store thumbnails in temporary folder if no valid home directory exists (bug #167973)
  • fixed Emboss plug-in for small images (bug #168022)
  • avoid crashes in toolbox size allocation code (bug #162500)
  • switch from display-wide grab to application-wide grab while tool actions are being performed (bug #162823)

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