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Gecko based browsers now have 32.28% market share

Firefox, Mozilla and other browsers based on Open Source and the Gecko rendering engine now has a stunning 32.28% market share. Internet Explorer it still the king of browsers, holding about 50% of the browser market.

  1. March 2005
  2. November 2004

Statistics from a huge mainstream entertainment site released by xiando Corp shows that Internet Explorer is still the king of browsers, version 6 and 5 put together still holds about half of the browser the market, down from 63% November 2004. Browsers based on the Gecko rendering engine, used by a lot of browsers like Firefox, Mozilla, Epiphany and Galeon, seems to be the fastest growing rendering engine at the moment.

1. March 2005

1 43.71% Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows)
2 32.28% Gecko 1.7.x (Mozilla/Firefox/Galeon/Epiphany/etc)
3 6.73% Internet Explorer 5.0
4 3.05% Safari (OSX)
5 2.90% Opera
6 0.47% Gecko 1.4 (Mozilla/Galeon/etc)
7 0.46% Gecko 1.6 (Mozilla/Galeon/etc)
8 0.25% Lynx (Text-based browser)

2. November 2004

1 52.09% Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows)
2 18.13% Gecko 1.7.x (Mozilla/Firefox/Galeon/Epiphany/etc)
3 9.99% Internet Explorer 5.0
5 3.38% Opera
6 2.28% Safari (OSX)
7 1.01% Gecko 1.6 (Mozilla/Galeon/etc)
8 0.62% Gecko 1.4 (Mozilla/Galeon/etc)

The text-based browser Lynx is still being used by a insignificant amount of visitors, so it is still generally a good idea for web site creators to optimize their websites for this browser. The 5 year old light-weight browser Dillo, last updated January 11th 2005, still exists, but it seems nobody is actually using it.

The Mozilla browser is no longer in active development. It will still be maintained (Security patches will still be released), but do not expect any new features in the Mozilla Suite. Users are encouraged to switch to Firefox.

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