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GnomeMeeting 1.2.1 available!

GnomeMeeting allows you to call free to others who have Internett by means of any of the standard audio protocols. It is a free, open, working alternative to Skype and IP-telephones It is worth a look.

GnomeMeeting works excellent with the IPv6 protocol. It is also possible to use it even if you only have yesterdays protocol, IPv4.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed deadlock when changing the audio volume is some special cases
  • Small UI improvements (Eskyl Bilund)
  • Fixed leaks in DBUS component (Julien Puydt)
  • Fixed contributors list in the about dialog
  • Allow compilation against Evolution Data Server 1.0 and 1.2
  • Fixed problematic callback with GTK+ 2.6
  • Prevent GnomeMeeting from running when the Picture plugin is not present
  • Fixed various IPv6 problems (Craig Southeren)
  • Fixed problems with some Polycom Units (Hannes Friederich)

Updated translations:

  • Nepali translation by Pawan Chitrakar
  • Norwegian translation by Sigurd Gartmann
  • Serbian translation by Danilo Segan
  • Bulgarian translation by Iassen Pramatarov
  • Catalan translation by Josep Puigdemont
  • Greek translation by Kostas Papadimas
  • Indonesian Translation by Ahmad Riza H Nst
  • Gujarati translation by Ankit Patel
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation by Raphael Higino
  • Ukrainian translation by Maxim Dziumanenko
  • Italian translation by Alessio Dessi
  • Korean translation by Changwoo Ryu
  • Albanian translation by Elian Myftiu
  • Canadian English translation by Alexander Winston
  • Lithuanian translation by Zygimantas Berucka
  • Swedish translation by Christian Rose
  • Russian translation by Leonid Kanter
  • British translation by David Lodge

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