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Valknut 0.3.7 available

Valknut is a powerful feature-rich multi-hub client for the Direct Connect peer to peer system available for Linux and Windows. The new version has many cleans as fixes as well as new features like the ability to only search through a given users file.

Direct Connect is the old-days kind of peer to peer system where your IP (location) is visible to the other users of the system. Todays modern systems allow users to hide their IP and identity at the cost of performance, making it much harder for piracy hunters to sue users who share files covered by copyright law.

Almost all media ever created can be found on the Direct Connect system and HASH codes for files makes it harder to poison it with garbage files like the ones who are now very common on the more mainstream systems like Kazaa.

The Direct Connect protocol requires you to connect to HUBs in order to find other users and search their files. Many of the hubs require you to share a given amount and many have strict rules. You can think of them like search engines who index other users files and make them available to you.

Valknut is a very good choice if you want to share your files with others and have the biggest media library available to you, but be aware: Organizations like MPAA, RIAA and other Organizations devoted to stopping software piracy monitor the HUBs and sometimes take legal action against users who are sharing copyrighted material.

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