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EFN gives the Norwegian law makers a MP3 player in protest against a new proposed Copyright law.

They are doing so in protest against a new proposed law that will make most people criminals if it is passed. Among other things, it makes it illegal to circumvent copy-protection measures even if this is required to use a product you legally bought on your on equipment.

Elektronisk Forpost Norge is a local Norwegian equivalent of Electronic Frontier Foundation.

EFN will Friday March give the Norwegian politicians a MP3 player in protest against a new propsed law that will make it illegal to copy music onto these devices and make a huge portion of the population criminals.

The law, if passed, will remove the right to fair personal use of music and other media.

Todays Norwegian laws allows fair private use of music you have paid for. The new law will make it up to the publisher to decide, extremely specifically, what you can and can not do with their products. Imagine buying a book rapped in plastic, then, when you come home and open it, find that the first page has a text that says you only have the rights to read the book if you are doing so while using a lamp bought from one of their approved stores. Something equivalent of that is what you soon may find if you buy music or other media in Norway.

The new law will make it by default illegal to copy anything stored on a media with some sort of copy-protection technology to another device, even if you want to do so only to be able to enjoy the media on your own player.

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