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Professional Anti-spam software available to Linux users free of charge

Roaring Penguin Software has announced that a version of their flagship Anti-Spam product CanIt which is limited to limited to 50 users is made available to Linux users for free.

Spam mail and viruses are a huge problem for corporations and governments worldwide

"When a spammer sends a spam his landing page quickly starts pushing to the limit. If their account is limited to two megabit then that is what they will be using flat just half an hour after their spam is mailed' a representative for a profitable hosting company who allows customers who allow such evil marketing told Linux Reviews some months ago. 'There is a lot of money in spam, there must be. We charge these customers five times normal clients and they pay us willingly, because most of the competition have terms of conditions who disallow it."

This causes enormous problems and costs for the majority of e-mail users and the problem is constantly increasing.

Roaring Penguin Software is a Canada-based company who makes advanced commercial anti-spam software for Linux mail servers. They are now giving it away for free to smaller organizations (up to 50 e-mail users), making it easy for those who run their own mail servers to add advanced spam filtering capabilities without using a lot of time and having the advanced skills required to implement a working combination of the Open Source anti-spam solutions available for Linux mail servers.

"CanIt was founded upon open-source technologies and the input of the open-source community. CanIt has provided a foundation for a successful commercial product line and we thought this free offering would be a fitting way to say 'Thank You' to the Linux community." said David Skoll, the President and CEO of Roaring Penguin.

Roaring Penguin has some smooth solutions for huge enterprises too, their dedicated mail filtering boxes are plug and play and are be placed as a gateway between the Internet and any kind of mail server (including Windows). A single dedicated mail filtering box can handle up to 120,000 users.

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