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XMAME 0.92 Available for Linux, 0.93 released for Windows

MAME is a emulator which allows you to play all those cool classic arcade games on your computer. A new version 0.92 of XMAME was released on 23 February, version 0.93 for Windows was made available 27th.

MAME allows you to play through all those arcade games because you now, unlike when you were a child, have unlimited funds at the push of a button. Most of the MAME games give you life or power for money. You can even play through those who do not because MAME allows you to save and load the games.

New in the 0.92 Linux/X11 version is better graphics effects, better support for using a framebuffer as output, support for multile joysticks when using SDL output and faster MMX code.

A very bad bug that caused the list of games output is also fixed. This created problems with the various front-ends like gxmame who allow you to select games from a list in a nice graphical environment.

There are no way of legally buying the games who can be used for this emulator, but they are widely available in alt.binaries.xmame.roms on USENET, on freenet and on the usual friendly peer to peer services.

A new Windows version was released only a week after the previous version had been ported to Windows. The changes are minimal and a new Linux version can be expected soon.

Gentoo: emerge xmame gxmame

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