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GIMP 2.2.4 released, mainly a bug fix release

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a very popular paint and image manipulation program for Linux. The 2.2 series is based on GTK2 and has a lot of new nice features compared to the 1.x series. 2.2.4 is mainly a bug fix release for version 2.2.

GIMP may look like a simple program at first glance, but once you get to know the tool you will find that it has more than half of all the features who are available in commercial packages sold for other operating systems. This may not be enough for extremely professional users, but it has more to offer than the average user needs.

There are a great number of great tutorials for Gimp available for both novice and experienced users.

Gimp v2.2.4
New "Improved" file-dialog

From the Changelog:

  Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.4
  - fixed an out-of-bounds read access in the Edge plug-in (bug #164963)
  - limit aspect ratio in crop tool to sane values (bug #164827)
  - fixed indexed conversion on floating selections (bug #165342)
  - fixed button order in resize and scale dialogs
  - improved handling of UNC paths on Windows
  - fixed crash in winicon save plug-in (bug #162742)
  - fixed image types registration for some python plug-ins (bug #1666650)
  - workaround problems with font names ending in numbers (bug #166540)
  - show clone source when cloning from a different image (bug #167002)
  - corrected coordinate limits in New Guide script (bug #167529)
  - fixed crash in gradient editor (bug #167604)
  - don't give keyboard focus to combo boxes in image window (bug #167809)
  - fixed saving of MNG files with negative layer offsets (bug #166059)
  - fixed use of the text tool on floating selections (bug #166829)
  - don't create duplicate templates when migrating user settings (bug #167893)
  - let the py-slice script ignore out-of-bounds guides (bug #167843)
  - store thumbnails in temporary folder if no valid home directory exists
    (bug #167973)
  - fixed Emboss plug-in for small images (bug #168022)
  - avoid crashes in toolbox size allocation code (bug #162500)
  - switch from display-wide grab to application-wide grab while tool
    actions are being performed (bug #162823)

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