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FFII plans anti-patent demo in Brussels 17. th February 2005

Europeans will this Thursday show their support for a software-patent free Europe. The demonstration is needed because of the recent attacks on the poetry of code and thereby freedom of speech in Europe. Software patents prevent the evolution of Open Source software, this is why so many people view them as a problem for our species and the development of human knowledge.

229 websites are currently showing their support on-line and banners are available for webmasters.

It is now perfectly clear that the EU Commission will continue to push through a software patent legislation without proper debate. One head is now doing this very bad thing after another head of this giant said it "regrets very much that the software patent will not be on the [Council] agenda" last week.

The people have already made it perfectly clear thay they do want the old legislation proposal.

FFII fears their only slim chance of stopping this now as it is very little they can do. They are now trying to increase the public pressure and attention on this issue.

It is 100% clear that the Council presidency and the Commission will try to continue to push for software patent legalisation. There is only one way to stop them: by increasing the public pressure about this issue. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is demonstrating at the doors of all European decision makers. Waiting for EU democracy just isn't enough, you have to fight for it, day after day. read more

See you in Brussels..

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