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Norwegian Proposal for Now Digital Copyright Law is even worse than feared, yet the same laws mark the end of Copyright area and the beginning of true freedom.

The Norwegian The Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs today presented a law proposal for a new New Digital Copyright Law that will effectively outlaw fair use of MP3s and other digitally stored media.

The new law is claimed to be intended to harmonize the Norwegian law with the European Union rules, but the proposal is far worse and fascism-like than than anything anyone has tried to sneak into the law without debate in decades.

The Norwegian The Ministry of Culture claim to take fair use into considoration, this is why it is very important that you read the actual proposal before you take that lie as good fish.

The laws would allow three years in prison or fines for engaging in the vague term computer piracy. The USA recently did something similar and called their general term terrorism.

The music and film industry immediately celebrated what they think will give them immense power. These industries fail to realize they need to provide a better alternative than peer to peer if they want to make money. People want, they prefer, the divx video format, the ogg/mp3 music formats and peer to peer programs. These things allow fair use. It is not a matter of money.

People are willing to pay for divx and mp3 files, but they industries do not allow people to so. Instead, they point them to idiotic and stupid solutions who do not allow fair use (or use at all on Linux, for that matter..) because of copy-protection.

This is why the use of anonymous peer to peer protocols like I2P and FreeNet is exploding. This limits the risk of doing anything on the net because the nature of the systems prevent anyone from finding out who you are or where you are. It is not possible to know who is doing what on these anonymous peer to peer networks. So Copyright and Law ALREADY LOST to Freedom of Speech.

It is VERY BAD that it had to come to this.

I am sad it had to come to this.

Freenet and I2P evolved at the point in hour short history where our current system of society for the first time in history really proves to be a huge failure. Our current dominant form of rule, very indirect democracy voting for governments who now are completely powerless in the face of huge influential multi-national multi-billion dollar corporations is not working. Humans have had the same brains for fourth thousand generations.

The industrial revolution begun in 1710 when a man named Thomas Newcomen, a Devon blacksmith, made a steal pump that pumped water out of the English cold mines more effectively. This was the dawn of the industrical area and corporate rule (called democrasy and capitalism). The humans have damaged the earth more these last three hundred years than we have done in the fourth thousand generastions where we have had the same intelligence as we currently have. And this is only one of the many damages of modern capitalism. Other systems, like Communism, have also been tried. It is also a failure and dead end.

The horrifying through is that the human species can not live sustainable on this planet apart from nature ? in essence, it means any of the popular modern day government inevitable will be judged as a failure by history.

But there is no alternative, so we have a system where regulations on Freedom of Speech tries to co-exist with Freedom of Speech, we try to balance. So Freedom of Speech, pressured in the restrict limits of corporate-given laws, has now evolved it's own unstoppable way of presenting itself even more power-full than ever-before in history: EVERYONE can now say or do ANYTHING on the Internet and there is, sadly, nothing to do about it or the content placed on the anonymous networks. (!).

In short: The new Digital Copyright Laws proposed in Norway is what will be the trend around the world. It is not a proposal, the Norwegian government is in reality a powerless joke in the face of corporate power, the EU or any other entity for that matter. The Norwegian parliament will pass the law as early as July 1st. Gisle Hannemyr of the University of Oslo's Department of Informatics responded "We are going to be a nation of lawbreakers if this law is passed in its current form."

This is also why everyone will turn to secure anonymous means, the code is out there, it is not going to go away.

All copyright laws are now reduced to insignificant jokes because they where judged by history to be too mind-controlling and too evil.

The seeds of Freedom, the code, is out there. May the code be with you.



Technology has already evolved passed the 'law-makers' (=puppets) in the form of hard-drive encryption and anonymous peer too peer.

  < *****rc> i use mp3s cause i hate to fuckings find and place the cd in the pc player, just to listen to a track or two
  < *****rc> i mean how useless is that

"Any digital charge that has a bigger punishment than rape is a signal to the lawmakers that something are really fucked up. But you wouldnt expect anything else from a country led by a raving, preaching maniac. He actually is a priest :\"

"A good piece of investigative journalism would be to go and fathom out what kind of process would lead a legislature to introduce such an ill-informed piece of law... And what happens when they start to crack down on people? They gonna jail everyone? Will the police arrest people with earphones and check if they have a MP3 player?"

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  01:14 < ***mon> jævla kjøpte og betalte naive runkepolitkere =((
  01:15 < ***ablo> sånn ca.

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