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EFNET IPv6 Server down due to power failue

The worlds largest Ipv6 EFNet server and a lot of personal home pages are temporary down due to very bad luck in the form of hard drive failures as a consequence of a long-lasting power failure in Oslo.

Powertech is one of Norways biggest and most professional, yet strangely anonymous Internet Service providers. The company has been Ipv6 ready almost since it was thought upon and are responsible for running the biggest and most popular IRC server on the network EFNet. This is the most important of the Ipv6 ready IRC servers on this network. are currently down (IPv4 is up).

Powertech states that the huge amounts of data became unavailable when some hard drivesfailed after a unusually long-lasting power-outage in Oslo. No data was permanently lost because of the good backup routines the company has in place. Very big backups of all customers data must be restored before all services are back to normal operation, but as this corporation has a long history of being professional it is safe to assume skilled experts are doing their best to resolve the issues.


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