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KDE 3.4 Beta 2 (Keinstein) Released

The KDE project has now made a second Beta version of the upcoming 3.4 version of the popular Linux desktop environment KDE available for download. A new text to speech system subsystem called KTTS (KDE Text-To-Speech system) and the proof of concept application KsayIt that uses this to speak the contents of a text-file or the clipboard and support for the Gimp image format XCF in the KimgIO subsystem are among the finished features in KDE 3.4 Beta 2.

Dozens of other cool and fancy code snippets that will eventually make Linux users average workday better are planned in the upcoming version. The KDE 3.4 Feature Plan lists a lot of cool features like the ability to search and replace in multiple files in KDEs flaggship editor Kate. KHTML, the backend used by KDE applications like Konqueror and Kmail to show web pages, will also have a huge number of impressive imporvements like better XML and CSS rendering if all goes as planned.

KDE is a free desktop (licensed under GNU GPL) environment created by thousands of developers, translators and artists in the Open Source spirit. The project is sponsored by important corporations like Trolltech, SUSE/Novell, MandrakeSoft, University of Tübingen, University of Kaiserslautern and IBM.

Know that KDE 3.4 Beta 2 is NOT meant for production use. Home users are encouraged to try it out and report bugs and experiences in order to aid the developers in the making of a stable, supreme and sweet KDE 3.4 final.

KDE 3.4 is expected to be released mid-march 2005.

Learn more about KDE 3.4:

GENTOO USERS: KDE 3.4 Beta 2 is now available in Portage.

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