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Solaris DTrace Source code available at

SUN har announced that is has made the source code for the Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) part of the Solaris operating system available for download at This is one of the most advanced parts of their OS. promises the complete buildable Solaris code available there in Q2 2005.

This is a great event for the Open Source world and communities! Good move Sun. We hope you will make more excellent and wise decisions like this!

The very advanced Solaris operating system will soon be released under the terms of the OSI-approved Common Development and Distribution License. now offers the code for Dynamic Tracing part of Solaris, the rest will be made available within a few months. We can expect the Open Source world to benefit hugely by this tactically smart move. SUN will obviously benefit hugely by getting thousands of skilled developers to improve their code in their spare time free of charge, so this is a win-win move for all. More than 1,600 patents will be contributed to the open source community.

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