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KDE SVG Wallpaper Contest winner impresses heavily

The KDE Dot has announced winners of the SVG Wallpaper Contest. The winner, gg3po, impresses heavly and had what it took to get that little extra touch of supremicy.

The winner wallpapers will be featured in the upcoming new 3.4 version of the popular KDE Linux Desktop scheduled for release mid-march.

1st place: 'We are Gear' by gg3po

Second place: 'Gear Flowers' by Tetromino

Third place:

Third place was a tie between these two:

Geared Globe by Tschaeck Andes Venezolanos by Rendergraf
(root version)

More eye-candy is expected to be released with KDE 3.4, even slicker icons are already available in the KDE CVS.

The software in KDE 3.4 has, like the graphics, been majorly imporved. Check out the impressive feature plan, there are many reasons for marking March as a highlight on the calendar outlined in that document.

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