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BT Exact, a very popular IPV6 provider in Europe, is down until further notice.

They are currently having a router problem and it may take them days to resolve it.

The Tunnel Broker service is currently unavailable due to a router problem. We're working to fix things as soon as we can, but it may remain unavailable for the next few days. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes. is the excuse given at

BT is not known for being the most stable provider, but their solution is good enough for the average user. And it's free.

btexact provides tunnels that give you access to the ipv6 part of the Internet. This allows you to give every computer on your network a unique name and ip address, making it very easy to copy files from one box to another using a syntax like scp file.txt user@box.tdl:folder/ . This is possible with Ipv4 too, but typically home users are only given one ipv4 IP. You need to get more Ipv4 ips or get ipv6 and a whole subnet of IP addresses if you have a typical DSL connection with one IP.

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