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One person is convicted for copyright violations in a case brought forward by the special Norwegian police branch Økocrim. One person was also convicted for Aiding and abetting.

Both got sentenced to 120 days of substitary prison and a free of 3000 NOK each for violating åndsverkloven part §54.

One of the persons were sentenced to paying 120 000 kroner in damages to the software industry and the court fees. The software makers Adobe, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Macromedia, Microsoft and Symantec were among the corporations who are to given this money.

The demand came because he was running a ftp service where their software could be downloaded. The person is said to have spread software, music and/or digitalized movies without permission from the copyright holders in the period of 1998 to 2001.

The other person was convicted because he had given general security tips on how to configure server-side services and securing these. The court meant it was clear to him that the knowledge would be used for illegal purposes.

This stresses how utterly important it is to configure ftp and other services who allow files to be shared correctly and securely. It is also very important that the administer keeps a close eye on what is shared on the server.

Norwegian system administers can now be held legally responsible if they have setup a file sharing service where a given group of people have write permissions to a shared volume and one of the users places a copyrighted file on that volume. The verdict means that the system administrator can be convicted of copyright violations if one of the users on such a setup places a copyrighted file in a shared folder. Such setups now demands the administer to keep a extremely close eye on what is available on shared volumes.

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