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GAIM 1.0.3 released and available for all major Linux distributions

GAIM is a very advanced instant messaging client with support for all the major protocols used today (jabber, icq and so on). This version is mainly a bugfix release.

GAIM v1.0.3 was released November 12th. Packages are now available for all larger distributions (all versions of Mandrake, RedHat, Fedora Core, Gentoo)

GAIM allows you to communicate with anyone who has a computer and a Internet connection completely free of charge. This requires you to have a user-account on a instant-message-network were the person you want to talk to also has a user-account. There is a huge number of different networks for this purpose, the most known are Jabber, ICQ and MSN, but this is only a few of the many choices. It is enough to have at least one account on the same net as the person you want to connect with to be able to talk.

The networks use protocols who are unable to talk to each other because they work differently. This is why it is not possible for a ICQ user to talk to a MSN user directly. This problem is best solved by being available on both, giving persons who want to contact you the choice of using any type of client program. Being available on many networks makes you available to all users with a computer connected to the net, while using only one network obviously only makes you available to a tiny number of users.

Latest Changelog:

version 1.0.3 (11/11/2004): Bug Fixes:

  • Jabber authentication fixes (Michael Plump)
  • Yahoo buddy idle reporting is more accurate (Evan Schoenberg)
  • "Allow All" privacy setting works on Yahoo (Peter Lawler)
  • Fix a crash when dragging a buddy to the conversation entry area
  • Fix a crash removing chats from the buddy list
  • Correctly display buddy pounces for aliases with &, < or > in them
  • Correctly follow the per-conversation logging option

    version 1.0.2 (10/19/2004): Bug Fixes:

  • MSN file transfers work on big endian machines (Jean-Francois Roy and Evan Schoenberg)
  • Fixed the MSN signon crash with Miranda users in the buddy list
  • Fixed sending messages to MSN Web Messenger users (Damien Ayers)
  • Fixed some memory leaks in the MSN plugin (Evan Schoenberg)
  • Fixed a crash viewing certain MSN user profiles (Evan Schoenberg)
  • Fixed a crash sending a file on MSN when the file is unreadable
  • Fixed a crash deleting accounts (Andrew Hart)
  • Fixed a crash inviting to chats (Andrew Hart)
  • Fixed a bug in Yahoo privacy handling (Peter Lawler)
  • Fixed a crash trying to join a chat from the docklet when not signed in to a chat-capable account (Daniel Atallah)

GAIM is a very good alternative if you want a graphical client for your communication needs.

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  • Download (
    • GAIM is also available for Fedora Core 3 (using up2date)

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