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Gentoo Linux 2004.3 released, mainly a bug fix release.

The release tools have been made more robust and should now be slightly easier to use. 2004.3 has the compiler GCC 3.4 as first choice on x86, amd64 and pcc. The teams involved in porting to the the various architectures are now tied more tightly together, and this version has many under the hood improvements that make Gentoo a more enjoyable experience on non-x86 systems.

Gentoo is a powerful source-based Linux distribution aimed at experienced users. It uses a package management system called portage (manual page). Portage is a huge set of ebuild files who describe how original source code should be compiled, as apposed to RPM and APT based distributions who deliver pre-compiled ready to use packages. Gentoo only distributes ebuild descriptions and use these to download, compile and install the source when you ask for a package to be installed. This allows for a much broader variety of software than the average distribution, making Gentoo the ideal distribution for home desktop power-users.

Gentoo 2004 is available for most major architectures: x86, amd64, hppa, ppc, sparc and ppc64.

Please note that Gentoo has some security flaws you should be aware of.

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Gentoo has so far had a quarterly release schedule. This is now changed to a six-month release schedule, starting with 2005.0 early 2005.

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