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2.1 million have downloaded Mozilla Firefox 1.0 so far, two days after the release. Firefox is probably the slickest browser ever.

This is the fastest spread of a product in the history of the Mozilla foundation.

  1. What is Firefox?
  2. Custom Google search page for Firefox-users

1. What is Firefox?

Firefox is a rewrite of the Mozilla browsers user interface, it is basically the same browser with a much more slick user interface.

It blocks pop-ups and makes them available as a toolbar on top of the page. You can allow given sites to show pop-ups by pressing this tool-bar when it appears.

The search function (ctrl-f, for find) is now made into a tool-bar too and it does make finding keywords in pages easier. The search feature can now highlight all instances of a keyword too.

The pre-releases and beta versions of Firefox were downloaded by the millions, and the number of Firefox 1.0 installations is expected to increase rapidly the following days.

Firefox is, like Mozilla, a very compatible browser that will show most pages correctly and let you to use services like banks who require special Java-script, certificates and so forth. Konqueror and other browsers are more likely not to work with such services, but there are also the cases where pages don't work in Firefox but do in Konqueror.

Firefox 1.0 still has some serious flaws that appear when you have several pages who refreshes themselves open for a long period of time, at least on Linux systems.

Note that Firefox is a quite big and demanding browsers, you should check out Dillo, Opera or Links if you are using old hardware.

2. Custom Google search page for Firefox-users

Google now has their own Firefox Start page, just like the custom IE and custom linux pages they have had for years.

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