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Mandrakesoft Move 2.0 released, features better support for USB storage devices

Mandrake Move is a Live-CD version of the Mandrake Linux distribution meant to allow you to bring your Linux desktop and personal files with you to anywhere where you have access to a computer. It also allows you to try how Linux looks and feels without installing anything on your machine.

A Live CD is a bootable CD with a complete OS on it.

This version has improved support for USB keys and other USB storage devices. Any USB storage device that complies with the USB Mass Storage Device standard can be used, including some cameras and MP3 music players. You can check Mandrakes list of Compatible USB keys to find out if you can use yours.

The Live-CD comes with KDE , the office suitie OpenOffice and most of the other "common" Linux tools and software.

Mandrake Move is not, like any other Live-CD distro, equipped with any of the more specialized tools found in the more advanced distributions like Gentoo Linux, but it does provide what the average user expects.

The CD is a great way for people who have no Linux experience to try it out without installing anything. Just burn the CD, put in in your CD tray and reboot (you may need to adjust your BIOS and tell it to boot from the CD - it is a good idea not to generally have your BIOS set to not check the CD drive at boot).

Mandrake Move can be bought bundled with keyring-sized USB storage devices of up to 512 MB from the Mandrake Store.

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