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Linux Kernel 2.6.9 released! Improvements in USB, SELinux fixes and the usual load of bug fixes are among the news.

Some of the bug fixes solve deadlocks and crashes, users who have switched to the new 2.6.x development line should seriously consider upgrading. The differences between 2.6.9-rc4 and the final version are small and mostly compiler fixes and small patches, the differences between 2.6.8 and 2.6.9 are quote signifficant.

Linus Torvalds has announced Linux Kernel 2.6.9. It is available for download and ready to be used.

ACPI support is bug-fixed, but may still cause crashes in rare cases. From the 2.6.9 Changelog: "ACPI still explodes on my old PII and stops it booting."

Issues with the EHCI USB driver on SMP systems are also resolved as well as some other USB related functions. Those who use the usblp printer driver will be happy to learn that it's buffer is handled correctly when the device it is talking to is disconnected.

Several of the entires in the change-log are compiler fixes. The kernel needs bash to be compiled, it now makes sure it is actually using bash and not whatever shell is linked to /bin/sh. /bin/sh does refer to bash on most systems, but not all.

The most interesting quote in the change-log is under the title "[PATCH] uml: update makefile to new kbuild API names" where the the nice quote "Oh, and it will create lots of serious problems - it will give me your root account! Yes, you don't see the code in the patch, but it happens! :-)))" appears.

IP checksums are done correct now thanks to a memory barrier in the assembly code that generates checksums.

The ALSA sound arcitecture and drivers are updated, with improvements on specific sound card drivers like the generic USB sound device driver.

Games will love the improved support for joysticks on the lpt port, you can how connect two Playstation joysticks (previous versions faulted when you had more than one).


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