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Microsoft now holds a patent on the extremely general term: System and method for dynamically adjusting data values and enforcing valid combinations of the data in response to remote user input

This may actually mean anyone using Java, Java-Script, HTML, Perl or SQL databases may be a patent infringer as the patent pretty much covers any the way any modern web-service functions.

The patent was given Microsoft 12 October 2004, after two rejections and six years on the shelf since it was filed 18 September 1998. The abstract of the patent reads:

The present invention is embodied in a system and method for dynamically adjusting data values and preventing conflicts in response to remote user input. Namely, the system and method provides a remote user with real time interaction of data values, such as a set of results, associated sub-items or dependencies, and rules of enforcement of sub-item combinations produced by a host system. Adjustment of conflicting sub-items is prevented with the rules of enforcement and predefined interactive options. As such, the user can dynamically adjust the set of results and sub-items from a remote location. The system and method of the present invention preferably utilizes client-side processing to achieve real time interaction.

Full text of United States Patent 6,803,926

Imagine you are using a Internet banking service. You click my account. You find out you have received your paycheck and are able to pay your bills. You pay a bill, and the values that show your account balance are dynamically adjusted according to your remote user input. Is not buying from any net store real time interaction with data values?

The claims are pretty serious:

What is claimed is:

1. A method for dynamically displaying pricing data on a client display device comprising:

  • establishing a communications interface between a client computer and a server computer;
  • requesting pricing data from the client to the server for at least one object;
  • generating pricing data with associated options and rules for selection and combination of the associated options for each object at the server;
  • transmitting the pricing data, associated options, and rules for selection and combination of the associated options from the server to the client;
  • displaying a first set of pricing results on the client display device;
  • providing a user interface on the client display device for user interaction with the pricing data and selection and combination of the associated options;

It's time to start making sure this no patent like this ever goes through in the EU or any other part of the world for that matter.

Please read this patent once more if you still do not understand how incredibly much this patent covers...

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