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KDE 3.3.1 is released! This maintenance release fixes many bugs in KHTML, flagship media player Juk (kdemultimedia), kstars and the kdepim packages (kontact, kmail and korganizer)

The biggest news is in the personal information management packages. Kontact, Kmail and Korganizer are now much more stable and they now support LDAP perfectly.

KDE is a complete desktop environment for Linux and UNIX like systems. It completes your desktop with menus, panels and eye candy and provides a drag and drop environment. KDE comes with a huge collection of applications, you get everything from a comprehensive browser to games if you choose to install a Linux distribution with KDE on your computer.

Perhaps KDE version 3.3.0 was perhaps released a bit premature, with a few too many bugs left open. This release has no major new features, but focuses totally on polishing the edges and fixing errors. It's about achieving perfection. And the developers seem to be getting there. Most of them are now focused on KDE 4.0 and the bright future ahead, but bugs are still closed and fixed as soon as possible in the 3.3.x branch. A 3.3.2 release is expected as soon as this development line is close to being rock solid stable.

To view the cool movie, you need to upgrade to a browser that supports the <embed> tag!

You need a plugin like kmplayer or mplayerplug-in to view video files embedded in pages. Download kde_video_lr1.avi (2,5 MB) and open it in your faviourite media player if you are not able to use the video on this page.

Those who like the game kstarts may enjoy numerous fixes. Those who use this game for something serious will find that printing now works as expected.

Screenshot by Jorge Adriano Aires

All the new bug fixes in the underlying KHTML web page rendering engine have a direct positive effect on Konqueror, Kmail and all other applications who show web code for that matter. This summarizes why KDE is extremely great: It has very mature and advanced programming API interfaces for doing a huge variety of tasks. The file dialog box in any KDE program allows you to preview images and text files thanks to the file dialog box API.

Screenshot by Jorge Adriano Aires

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