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Fedora Core 3 available soon

FC3 test3 is released and this is the last planned test release before the final version is available. It will include Gnome 2.8 and Evolution

2.01, and will be available on normal single-sided DVDs.

This is the last test version according to the Release Schedule. Fedora Core 3 is close to being finished.

You can download it from a ftp mirror or using the BitTorrent protocol:

This test version is not meant for production use for servers meant to be stable. It's not buggy beta software, you can safely install it on your desktop or home server.

Fedora Core 3 has more big news for Gnome users than KDE users as this distribution wants you to use that desktop. KDE 3.3. is included and optionally available for those who prefer that desktop.

The new Fedora Core release is still missing proper Ipv6 support. Ipv6 has been poorly supported by FC too long. You can the protocol working, but all the important applications are compiled without support for it. What good is iptables without ip6tables?

Fedora Core is improving, but it still no winner.

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